Never Give Up

“Abby were going” Shouts Emily. “Coming” I shout back.
I quickly tie my shoelaces and sprint down stairs. Grabbing my sports bag I jump into the range rover. When we get to the athletics track I jump out of the car. As i walk to my friends an old scruffy man stare at me. I turn away and run.
“All 12 year old girls please go to the 100 meter start line” Came a voice from the speaker. My friends and I rush over to the start line.
“Take your marks, set, bang!” There is a moment of silence before the screaming starts. I keep running and then suddenly I lose my balance and fall. As i try to get up the old scruffy man comes to help me.  
“You will do great things” He says in a low voice.
Confused I stand up and keep running. Soon I cross the finish line, a lady gives me a piece of paper with the number 8 on it. I throw it on the ground and run out the gate. Mum runs after me, we get into the car and she tells me that I am really good and if i want to win I have to train. The whole way home she keeps blabbing on about  how wonderful I am.
When we get home I go straight to sleep. In the morning I’m sore and weak but that doesn't stop me. Mum drives me into town to my personal training. I get out of the car and see the old scruffy man standing with a whistle in one hand and a t- shirt in the other. Oh, no he's my trainer. I start to have second thoughts but before I know it he is signaling for me to come over. I give a wave to mum and run over. We do a warm up, then he gives me some tips on keeping my legs strong and sturdy. When I get home I go for a run around the block. The next day I go to training and the next and the next and so on. I keep doing this for months until I'm ready.  When I’m finally ready we go to the biggest competition in the country.  I go over to the start line, just run I say to myself. “Take your marks, set, BANG!” I run as fast as I can, I’m in the lead. Oh no they're catching up I cross the finish line they give me a piece of paper with a 1 on it. I walk over to a lady who has a first place medal she puts it around my neck. Then I walk over to my mum, she gives me a hug and a kiss. “Good job” she sobs. I go over to the old man he smiles at me and I smile back. “Thanks” I say.

The End


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