My Speech 2017

Have you ever had a problem where you can’t have fun because you’re
by yourself and it’s so boring well that’s because there is a lot of things
in life that we can’t do by ourselves so that’s when friends come in handy.
By our selves we can’t play board games, go on a seesaw, imagine playing
snap on your own, have you ever tried to play tag on your own. For 4 square
you need 4 people not 1 and if you want to tell secrets you can’t just tell them
to a mirror, or could you? I love the game guess who how about we try. Are
you bernad? Of course I am i chose her, yay i got it right, actually no because
i knew all along. Well that doesn’t work. See i told you it’s hard. There are some
things you can do yourself, but it’s much more fun with a friend, like, gymnastics,
unicycling, soccer, crafts, go for a walk, go shopping, and so much more.I do
of these things with a friend or a family member and it makes me enjoy it more
than by myself.
Friends help you all the time and sometimes you don’t even realize. For eg. riding a unicycle your friends encourage you and help you when you fall. And the same
Goes for when you're playing 4 square a true friend wouldn’t laugh at you when you
got out.
See I bet you didn’t even know it.
Have you ever been on holiday and you miss your friends so much you wish you could go home that's when you know you have a true friend. If you don’t have a best friend then I’m surprised you’ve gotten this far.  If you see someone that looks lonely or they look like a good friend then just go up to them and say Are you ok? Or hello. And maybe that’s how your friendship could start. So you see what I mean everyone has to have a friend even if it’s just a little friendship. If you’re older and you and your friend go to different schools still stay in touch because one day you might need her help. So, you see how far ive gotten? I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my friends and family. They’ve always just been there for me when i need them. Once again, thanks to all my friends and family for being there so that wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed my speech and learnt lots.
I hope you will remember to never disrespect your friends and always be kind and loyal to them.

And the only way to have a friend, is to be one.


  1. Hi Heidi I love your speech about friends its very interesting and speech like.


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