Pelorus River

Back in summer, we went to Pelorus River. When we got there I went down to the water ready to swim. Dipping my toes in the water It was cold but I didn't care. Slowly and carefully I climbed
up the rock, mentally preparing myself for the icy plunge. Standing up I shiver with fear ,then jump before I can stop myself. Hitting  the murky water with a splat, I start to swim to the rock hauling myself up.

 My jelly legs run up to my towel, I grabbed it, wrapping it around me. It feels good. I throw my t-shirt on over top of my togs. My hair, wet and soggy, drips down my back, onto my t-shirt. Oh no I hate it when that happens. I walk up to the car soaked and looking like a water rat!!!


  1. Cool piece of writing. I like the bit about your hair 'wet and soggy' dripping down your back. Very descriptive. Good job.


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