Zoom Out

This activity needs your help. 

You are invited to build on to the story by adding a comment. This means you need to zoom out of the image below with your imagination...like who is holding the ice cream? What else might be in the picture if you zoomed out a bit? What might happen next?
Be sure to read others' comments first, and continue the story, by zooming out even further. We could build an amazing story. Give it a go!

So, here is the start of the story...

Chevy stared into the sky.....

Photo Credit: N'Grid Flickr via Compfight cc


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  3. Dreaming of it in her tummy.

  4. And saw the most plump pigeon she had ever seen.

  5. jumping into the a tree she she let out a big mew

  6. gazing high up in to the tree looking at the sparrow singing on a branch.

  7. She looks up and then jumps...

  8. *Zoom!*
    The bird is gone. But what is that sound rustling in the bushes? 'I'm so hungry!' *Chevy prepares to pounce* ...

    -By Ella Stephens

  9. She pushes from her back legs and she jumps.....


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