Moturoa (Rabbit Island)

I see the waves crashing in. It looks cold, but I still want to go.

I hear kids screaming as they walk into the cold water. I hear the cold breeze whispering.
Image result for rabbit island nz
I feel exited as I jump in the water.I feel the cold water getting deeper and deeper.


  1. Hello Heidi

    Well done for getting a blog post and picture on here.
    I particularly like the line...'I hear the cold breeze whispering'.

    Things to work on: Try not to repeat the same many times did you use the word 'cold'? And what is this word, 'exit'? Couple of changes to fix up please.

  2. Hey, Heidi,

    I like the line that says, "It looks cold, but I still want to go." Is how I feel about the beach too. I actually prefer it when it is not to hot.


  3. Hello Heidi
    looks like fun! Do you like swimming?


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