As the door slams I know I have to get out of here, the wooden floorboards creak as someone walks in. I climb up the side of my dresser already prepared for this day, I swing my leg over the windowsill and jump onto the wet grass. Quickly I start running then I stop. “Ahhhhhh” shouts someone. Yes! My plan worked, that will slow him down for a while. As I come out into a clearing, the moon shines down on me I need to hide but I’m to late. My body transformation starts.

I am not a human I’m a werewolf.

News Report

Devastation hits mapua.
Last night 40 year old Jake Lesley was found dead in local pond. How you may ask well investigators say he was going fishing and looked behind him to see a masked man with a knife. After studying his body it seems that he was stabbed in the heart and pushed into the water. His wife and Anna Lesley and his two children have now decided to move to a different city to be safe.
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My Speech 2017

Have you ever had a problem where you can’t have fun because you’re by yourself and it’s so boring well that’s because there is a lot of things in life that we can’t do by ourselves so that’s when friends come in handy. By our selves we can’t play board games, go on a seesaw, imagine playing snap on your own, have you ever tried to play tag on your own. For 4 square you need 4 people not 1 and if you want to tell secrets you can’t just tell them to a mirror, or could you? I love the game guess who how about we try. Are you bernad? Of course I am i chose her, yay i got it right, actually no because i knew all along. Well that doesn’t work. See i told you it’s hard. There are some things you can do yourself, but it’s much more fun with a friend, like, gymnastics, unicycling, soccer, crafts, go for a walk, go shopping, and so much more.I do most of these things with a friend or a family member and it makes me enjoy it more than by myself. Friends help you all the time and sometimes you do…

Never Give Up

“Abby were going” Shouts Emily. “Coming” I shout back. I quickly tie my shoelaces and sprint down stairs. Grabbing my sports bag I jump into the range rover. When we get to the athletics track I jump out of the car. As i walk to my friends an old scruffy man stare at me. I turn away and run. “All 12 year old girls please go to the 100 meter start line” Came a voice from the speaker. My friends and I rush over to the start line. “Take your marks, set, bang!” There is a moment of silence before the screaming starts. I keep running and then suddenly I lose my balance and fall. As i try to get up the old scruffy man comes to help me.   “You will do great things” He says in a low voice. Confused I stand up and keep running. Soon I cross the finish line, a lady gives me a piece of paper with the number 8 on it. I throw it on the ground and run out the gate. Mum runs after me, we get into the car and she tells me that I am really good and if i want to win I have to train. The whole way home sh…


Jews presentation

In the past few weeks we have been learning about injustice. My topic was Jews. I learnt about the history of Hitler and why he was killing the Jews.  After I researched about this I started to feel very sorry for them.
Here's my presentation I hope like it.

Descriptive Writing

The ranchslider judders open and the cool air hits me. The sweet smell of timber tickles my nose "Achoo!"
Turning around I close the door, blocking the cicadas out. The first-aid kit sits on the shelf waiting to be opened. Ouch! A mosquito bites me, I slap my leg, then flick the bug off. Oh, I hate those things. Pulling my socks on, I grab a torch and go outside. I shine the torch at the rusty BBQ where spiders creep along it. Ewwww!

Jumping off the deck, I nearly trip over. My feet tremble as I approach the cold, dewy field. Turning numb, I sprint back to the shack, pull the door open and jump into bed. Ah! Nice and warm.
By Heidi

Pelorus River

Back in summer, we went to Pelorus River. When we got there I went down to the water ready to swim. Dipping my toes in the water It was cold but I didn't care. Slowly and carefully I climbed
up the rock, mentally preparing myself for the icy plunge. Standing up I shiver with fear ,then jump before I can stop myself. Hitting  the murky water with a splat, I start to swim to the rock hauling myself up.

 My jelly legs run up to my towel, I grabbed it, wrapping it around me. It feels good. I throw my t-shirt on over top of my togs. My hair, wet and soggy, drips down my back, onto my t-shirt. Oh no I hate it when that happens. I walk up to the car soaked and looking like a water rat!!!